I’m provisioning what with Ansible?

I love ansible!  I’ve been using it for a good 5 or 6 years now.  Since it first came out nearly.  Yes I have experience with other CMs.  Puppet and a passing acquaintance with Chef, but neither of these tools have captured my attention with the simplicity and elegance that Ansible has.  This is strange in it’s self as I’m not a huge fan of Ruby, yet I do like the well laid out structure of the YAML files.

So when the client asked me what I thought the best Configuration Management solution would be, with them being a Windows house my first instinct was of course Puppet.  And I nearly made that decision, but fortunately I did take some time to look into the feasibility of using Ansible within this environment.  I was pleasantly surprised with how mature it has come in such a short time.  There are plenty of win_modules to use, and what isn’t available I’ve found I can get around with powershell scripts called either using the raw:  or (hurray) script: commands.

So far my current tests have proven that Ansible can indeed provision windows environments competently and this is going to be the technology I will recommend as part of my Proof of Concept core framework.

Author: Aidan

An experienced Developer who transitioned into implementing Continuous Integration, Delivery and Improvement through the use of Agile and Lean, or to put it simply, The DevOps Specialist.

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