Ansible Ask an Expert – Windows Webinar

Tonight I partook in the Ansible Ask an Export – Windows webinar.  It was a very informative evening and I got many of my questions answered by Mark Phillips and Matt Davis.

There are some very exciting changes comeing with 3.0.1, unfortunately the next release is not due until Jan 17 so for me that does push back my timeline to produce a viable proof of concept configuration management by a few months.

Some of the questions and answers I was given follow :

Is system tracking confirmed to be working with windows environments in the next release and when is the ETA for that release expected?

When experimenting with this feature I found that unfortunately I was getting an error message.  Ansible was looking for python on the windows platform in a place specific to Linux so of course failed.

Windows support for system tracking is confirmed for the next release but won’t be with us until Jan 17.

Apart from Chocolately are there any other package management tools that Redhat would reccomend?

Currently the only tool available for windows environments that gives anything close to Linux based package management is Chocolately.  Microsoft are apparently working on something to give a package management type environment but that is a long way off.

When installing certain software or running PowerShell scripts via winRM, they fail but when installing locally they work fine.  I get round that by using New-PSSession and using that against Invoke-Command which works.  Will ansible eventually be able to create a full session to do these tasks?

When ansible connects to a windows box it creates a batch connection which is not a full session.  So commands and software that require a full session (such as New-SelfSignedCertificate and SQL Server) they will fail.
Redhat are working on a Become feature for windows that will create a full PS Session rather than a batch session which they hope to implement in 3.0.2.

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