Microsoft Open sources Powershell for Linux and Mac OS

An amazing announcement from Microsoft landed today in this video :

Yes you have read that right, PowerShell is going to be available for Linux and MacOS based platforms.  Now you might wonder why I would get so excited about this, what with me preferring Linux as my core OS.  Surely bash is better?  And with bash being released on Windows 10, isn’t this pointless?

There is a lot to be excited about with this news.  I’ve not had much exposure to PowerShell until I started on this project but so far from what I’ve seen, PS is not half bad.  Is it better than Bash?  I can’t really answer that.  It’s like comparing a screw driver and a hammer.  Which is better?  It depends on what you’re doing with it.

To me this means that it will soon be possible to manage mixed environment infrastructure with a unified toolset. And there is choice in which tools to use.  Bash on Windows or PowerShell on Linux, each have their unique and wonderful features, and each will find their niche use I’m sure.  I don’t think that we will suddenly see Linux based infrastructure suddenly sprouting PS or Wintel houses jumping on Bash, but I do see that companies who use a mix of both will be able to use the best tool for their need across all these environments considerably reducing the technical debt that these types of work environments inevitably gain.

This is nothing but good news for everyone.

Author: Aidan

An experienced Developer who transitioned into implementing Continuous Integration, Delivery and Improvement through the use of Agile and Lean, or to put it simply, The DevOps Specialist.

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